• Large house with red tin shingle roof, wrap-around porch and many shuttered windows with brick walkway lined with hedges
  • Red tin shingle roof is prominent on two story house with two chimneys visible and wrap around porch and many shuttered windows
  • Panoramic view of side of house has beige walls with blue and dark red trim
  • Large victorian house with red roof and two chimneys showing, beige walls and blue trim with large yard
  • Amish-made modern shed with same style and coloring of house in beautiful green lawn with solar panel to the far side
  • dark wood finish on doors, floor, and trim with walls painted dark green
  • dark wook on doors, stairs, grandfather clock, fireplace, and picture rail with walls painted dark green and victorian wall paper trim
  • Gold painted walls with Victorian decor and black flat screen tv in book shelf next to fireplace
  • mulberry silk colored walls with an antique furnitures set and lace curtains on bay windows and side walls

Well-Built, Perfect Condition

This house is fully restored with almost as much new construction as original! 3,221 square feet of living space on 3+ acres. Less than 20 mi. from Capitol Hill. See Better Than Historic or New. Call now!.

Home Office/Business Use

Has been used as a Home Office from the great railroad manager's office to modern internet business. It can be seen from the main road, Rt. 381, just a mile from Rt. 301.
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Your Dream House

All rooms are very large and spacious. It's a great house for entertaining and/or family. Wrap-around-porch, balcony, large attic. Energy saving features. See more on the Rooms page.
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Special House - History

Considered unique for a Queen Anne Victorian and yet a "fine example". Seen on Home and Garden Network.
Better Than Historic or New
Check out the History page.
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In Prince George’s County, Maryland, this completely restored, well-maintained historic Queen Anne...

27th Feb
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This Dream Home was on HGTV

From the Home and Garden Network video, this shows how the house...

05th Nov

Historic Homes For Sale Listed Here

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05th Nov
Plaque says: This property has been placed on the Nation Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior

This Home was in a Mockumentary Film

This film was shot on location at the William W. Early house...

15th Jul