• Large house with red tin shingle roof, wrap-around porch and many shuttered windows with brick walkway lined with hedges
  • Red tin shingle roof is prominent on two story house with two chimneys visible and wrap around porch and many shuttered windows
  • Panoramic view of side of house has beige walls with blue and dark red trim
  • Large victorian house with red roof and two chimneys showing, beige walls and blue trim with large yard
  • Amish-made modern shed with same style and coloring of house in beautiful green lawn with solar panel to the far side
  • dark wood finish on doors, floor, and trim with walls painted dark green
  • dark wook on doors, stairs, grandfather clock, fireplace, and picture rail with walls painted dark green and victorian wall paper trim
  • Gold painted walls with Victorian decor and black flat screen tv in book shelf next to fireplace
  • mulberry silk colored walls with an antique furnitures set and lace curtains on bay windows and side walls