Better Than Historic or New


The William W. Early House, which was built in 1907 and is on the national register of historic places, is better than most historic  and new homes in these ways (Energy-saving features in green):

Better Than Historic:

Victorian house with snow

We don’t usually get so much snow here any more, but a little each year. This amount never lasts longer than a week. It’s the perfect location with warm weather and a change of seasons.

Beauty of the Queen Anne Victorian: “one of the best examples of its type” (according to county historian)

New tin shingle roof (replica historic; replaced in 2002)

New, safe brick walkway (replaced in 2001)

Paint job that’s not pitted – nice clean look (2007 with touch ups to 2022)

Insulation in exterior walls (modern fiber glass sheets – high quality)

Added IR-reflecting foil to attic floor & door to cover stairway for improved insulation (2011)

Electricity up to code (2002)

City water and sewers (~1996)

Programmable networked thermostats (can adjust temperature when not home so it’ll be right when you get there)

Solar panels owned not leased (use less electric from the grid, sell electricity to the grid)

On-demand water heater (no big heater and plenty of hot water when you need it)

Energy Star and/or efficient appliances (Miele dishwasher, refrigerator, washing machine and dryer)

Fully air conditioned and humidity controlled (with energy-efficient heat pumps)

Large windows with screens can be used in place of air conditioning

Insulated attic

Fully restored with historic finishes (no renovation needed)

Most Victorian houses do not have closets, but this one was built after the invention of the hanger so every bedroom has at least one closet and the master bedroom has 2.

New plaster walls with insulation behind them (and no flammable horsehair)

All windows are functional

Cable internet (and TV) with wifi throughout house and on porches

Smoke alarms installed throughout home

ADT home alarm system installed

Work at home in large home office with any job that requires internet – large enough to include 4 desks with multiple-screen computers plus printers and file cabinets. (Previously used by railroad manager, accountant, and home improvement company.)

Located near new aquatic community center and many modern amenities, including home delivered groceries and restaurant delivery with choice of over 25 restaurants.

Excellent for preppers who have to be in DC area: Closeby woods and hunt club for hunters. Rarely disturbed by air traffic from bases. Old cellar for storage, secret panels, and other places for hiding if needed.

Better Than New:

12 connected panels in yard shows dirt where cables were laid

Installed in 2011 behind outbuildings in northwest yard. Grass has regrown over ground where cables were placed.

Exterior higher quality (than plastic or aluminum) and gives better look (cedar hard wood)

Invisible storm windows insulate better than double pane vinyl

No homeowners association dues or restrictions (there’s a civic association which is optional to join & historic register only limits major exterior changes with easy approval process & possible 20% grant/refund from state)

3 working fire places plus 2 acres of woods that provide plenty of wood for winter

Working original pocket doors

Solid construction can last at least  another 200 years

Historic well house hooks up to five hoses for free water to water the yard and fill the historic pond.

Tin shingles can last at least 100 yrs. (replaced with replica to original in 2002)

Plaster walls give a better appearance with no joints or nails that can pop through (most of exterior on first floor was replaced with new plaster in 2002 and insulated)

All copper gutters and downspouts

Wood floors can last another 100+ years (better wood than is available today)

Huge office can be used as home office (used to be railroad manager’s)

If wanted to, could live without air conditioning, using large windows opened with screens for invisible storms, for cross breezes as they used to do. 

You’ll be the envy of those who love history! The historian wrote that it’s: “…the most prominent residence in Brandywine.” 

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