Home Office or Potential Commercial Offices near Rt. 301

dark wook on doors, stairs, grandfather clock, fireplace, and picture rail with walls painted dark green and victorian wall paper trim

Click to see larger photo. This is the entrance from the main hall.

The historic William W. Early House makes a wonderful home office. It’s the original railroad manager’s office.

If you’re looking for a very attractive place to have your office in a growing community in the suburbs of Washington, DC in Maryland, this may be the place for you. Besides the railroad manager, two other previous owners have used the house for a home business in: accounting, web site development, and home improvement company. There are many other businesses that would be suitable for this location.

There are two entrances to this room from inside the house – one into the main hall and one into the back hall near the kitchen and back door. The original front porch entrance has its location indicated so it could be restored.

hard wood floors, windows with drapes, desk, computer

Click to see larger photo. Left side of office when used for internet business.

large office with hard wood floor, tall windows, wood furniture and bookshelves

Click to see larger photo View from right entrance to center back of office when used for web development business



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