Walkthrough with Panoramic Photos

All photos taken in Jan. – Feb. 2021 – click to see full photo size

Also you can now see this house on Zillow.

Large Back Yard

Solar Panels, Rose Trellis, Amish Shed, Historic Pond, Lots of Space for Parties/Events, and ~2 acres of Woods that provides a buffer from the sight and noise of neighbors

Grand hall (from south side)

Room with dark green walls, pictures hanging, piano with music books, dark wood pocket doors, open door with double entrance door, four windows in round window seat area, table with vase at center left, dark wood fireplace with mirror, grandfather clock

Grand hall (from north side)

Dark green painted walls, grandfather clock at left, office door, dark wood stair case, newel post lamp, doorway seen at end of hall and pictures hanging on hallway across from stairway, piano with music books at right

Hall entrance to kitchen

Hall entrance to kitchen

Kitchen (with natural linoleum floor and full electric modern oven)

Panoramic view of kitchen with replica faux Victorian wood stove that is electric, natural linoleum covering on floor, large window to right, door to left, off white painted cabinets appear old are new, stone counters, black refrigerator at far left only partially visible, farmhouse white ceramic sink

Entrance to breakfast nook from kitchen

Open doorway with off-white molding, colonial windows lit up with sun light and tree visibile outside, round cloth-covered table with wooden chairs, walls have dark knotted wood wainscoting


Room with light-plum walls on one side and gold walls on other, four tall lit windows seen to far left, shiny wood pocket door, dark wood picture rails and dark wallpaper trims top of room with pictures hanging, room is furnished with Victorian-style seatings and diningroom table, fireplace with white marble mantle to right, dark wood floors

Upstairs Hall

Hall to left is lit with antique chandelier, light plum walls have dark wood picture rails with pictures hanging on both sides, dark wood door at end of hall, middle-eastern-style rug on wood floor, center is dark hall with lit window on door at back, to the right is an open door with a room that has a lit window and treadmill, railings to two separate stairways seen on both sides

Full Bathroom

Walls paper is replica Victorian has pink flowers on green background, toilet, bath tub with beige-colored tiles on back side, shower curtain, hanging plant, chair, dark wood double sink cabinet, mirrors framed with matching dark wood, tiled floor with area rug

Laundry Room

Dark wood floor, gold-painted walls, accordion door with washer and dryer visible behind it, brightly lit windows, clothing rack, table, tread mill, iron on ironing board

Balcony with view of out-buildings

Smallest Bedroom from door

Twin beds seen at left with three windows on far side of room. Dark rose lace curtains and matching bedspreads decorate. To left is a dark wood mantle with black iron insert, dark wood door to left, dark wood picture rails and wallpaper trim surround the room with light rose-colored walls; pictures hanging are room, basin at back corner and lamp table between beds

Smallest Bedroom from far corner

Two windows on left with dark-rose colored lace curtains, twin beds with wood headboards and footboards, lamp table between beds with picture hanging above, dark wood picture hanger and wallpaper trim around room, wood dresser with mirror to right

Tower Bedroom

Room with five lit windows and white lace curtains, dark plum-colored walls, dark wallpaper trim and wood picture hanger all around, small Victorian light, black chair with lamp tables on each side, dark wood floor reflects light, large bed with brass headboard and quilted , bookcase full of books to the left


Blue-green-painted walls in room with 5 large lit windows with white lace curtains, dark wallpaper trim, light at middle of ceiling and another on wall to the left with table lights to the back, furnished with small bed with colorful quilt and brown couch,  blanket on rack in front of dark wood mantle, dark wood door to right

Master Bedroom

Light green painted walls with three lit windows with light lace curtains, wall paper trim and dark wood picture rails around room, light on ceiling, large bed in center of room, lamp table on either side, two dark wood dressers, one with a mirror, door and dark wood mantel with glass lantern seen on the far right

Attic Stairs with insulating door

Old wood stairs and thin wood railing with old plaster walls and new covering above it with pine boards and white wallboard


Dark attic is cluttered with items including boxes and pictures, small lit windows straight and right to back, aluminum ladder seen on left next to large steel box with aluminum-covered ducts going up and across wood roof, floor covered with aluminum and old middle-eastern-style rug
Very large area for storage, the air handler for air conditioning on the 2nd floor, with the chimney signed by the masons in 1907

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