Second Floor

Walls are painted a pewter shade and all woodwork - banister, floors and doors are freshly finished with a dark natural look

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Going up the winding stairway from the entrance/stair hall, you come into the hall that connects all the rooms on the second floor. There are several outlets for night lights near the floor so you or your guests won’t get lost at night. There’s an archway between the front section where the bed rooms are located and the back area where the bathroom and laundry/exercise/spare bedroom or sewing room is.

There are four bedrooms to your right, each has a closet and a door. Two rooms are connected with a door which could be used for an adjoining nursery or sitting room. Three of the rooms have mantels which is where the oil lamps used to be placed.

The hall contains two large linen closets.

The king size bed, a large chair and one of the three windows can be seen in this view

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The master bedroom has plenty of room for a king sized bed and other furniture. Each room has a different color so we call them by the name of the color. The master bedroom is currently “the green room”.

The red room is pictured below in two parts to capture most of the room and the blue room, which can double as a sitting room, is pictured in part with a large sleep sofa. The plum or tower room (under the copula) is not pictured here.

Mantel, closet door, throw rug and antique dresser can be seen in this view

Twin antique beds with lamp table in between Click on photos for larger view.

At the north end of the second floor is a large bathroom which contains a double sink which is pictured below, a tub with shower, a modern toilet with a Victorian look, and a bidet to match.

Victorian-look sofa with end table on throw rug with bay windows covered with lace curtains is shown

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There’s a former fifth bedroom next to the bathroom which contains a new energy-efficient, low-water washer and dryer in a closet. The remainder of the room is currently being used as an exercise room, but could be used as a sewing room or den. It is not pictured here.

large wood ornate double sink cabinet with twin mirrors on the wall above each sink over reproduction Victorian wall paper

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The northwest end of the hall has a door which leads out to the balcony.

See the Floor plan for the second floor. See full house floor plans.

See the Floor plan for the attic which is a full walk-up with a new door cover for insulation as mentioned on the description page, though unfinished, it’s big enough to be an apartment.

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