Description of House


William Early House, 1907, Queen Anne Victorian

On the National Register of Historic Places and Prince George’s County Register in new historic district.

It’s on 3.27 acres in Brandywine, Maryland. There’s 3,221 square feet of living space. Full house floor plans are here. See Video.

Major restoration performed in 2001, with more recent work done as indicated. Photos on home page were taken in 2012; latest work done in 2017. See how this house is both modern (with green/energy-saving and modern comfort features) and historic on this page.

Queen Anne Victorian from southeast view - garage visible in back - large front lawn

View of house from driveway entrance at southeast. Good view of front yard. Garage seen in back. Click for larger view.

Original windows, siding and decoration, and most doors are original.
Replaced copper downspouts.
Replaced tin shingle roof and gutters.
Replaced rotted exterior soffits with new
Restored original vergeboards, brackets, spandrels, porch railings and balusters.
Replaced ~20% of exterior siding with replica milled vertical-grain cedar siding
Restored/Replaced functional hinged shutters on front and sides
Installed Allied Invisible Storm windows with low-e glass (IR and UV Protection)

Rear of house with back entrance to porch and balcony above it and two small chimneys visible on roof

Rear, northern view of house with kitchen entrance. Photo taken in 2007. Click photo for larger view.

Replaced Front Porch and balcony decks with KDAT tongue-and-groove flooring in 2010
Replaced porch ceilings with replica wainscot
Quality three-color painted with oil base pre-primer, primer and three coat latex.
Replaced front doors with replica, mahogany in 2011
Replaced exterior steps – three for front porch and two for back porch.

Painted 1970’s garage and historic wellhouse  to match house (full painting done in 2007, touch-up done more recently)
Added large Amish-made utility shed painted similar to house in 2008
Installed high-volume pump to  historic  well with 5 spigots for lawncare.
Existing historic well and well house is older than the house, house itself is on city water and sewer.

12 connected panels in yard shows dirt where cables were laid

Solar panels were installed in 2011 behind outbuildings in northwest yard. Grass has regrown over ground where cables were placed. Click photo to enlarge.

Graded lawn away from foundation
Installed gravel drainage surrounding foundation.
Installed buried drains for gutters
Planted boxwoods and large gardens, added drip irrigation system
Restored original brick  pond (added water feed, drain and electric)
Cleared underbrush from most property, back 2/3 remains wooded.
Added large gravel driveway with off-street parking for up to 15 cars
Added wooden bridge between backyard and wooded area

Painted beige with blue trim and dark red door to match house

Historic well house. Click photo for larger view.

Installed two heat pumps, and ductwork.
Upgraded electric service to 350Amp with buried feed
All house wiring replaced to code, minimum 20A circuits.
Installed backup power switchover system for critical appliances.
Installed 3KV Ground-based solar panel system.
Installed 120A demand hot-water system


Wooded acreage and large back lawn can be seen with brick lined pond

Click photo to see larger view.

Removed, insulated and replaced all exterior walls with new plaster (not wallboard)
Removed and replaced plaster ceilings with new ceilings.
Replaced replica plaster medallions.
Replaced window trim with milled-to-match Honduran mahogany trim.
All windows original, with original glass.
Stripped all interior wood surfaces, restored using traditional garnet shellac and wax finish.
Renovated downstairs bathroom with new tile, added antique low-tank toilet, new brass fittings and parts added in 2012.
Replaced missing picture-rail molding.
Replicated missing hall spandrel and pilasters.
Renovated upstairs bathroom, with new tile, added bidet

Front of garage shows dark red door, beige painted walls and blue trin with gravel driveway in front and between the garage and house

Garage – painted to match house – built in ~1970s. Click photo for larger view.

Renovated kitchen in 2004 with period-appropriate cabinets, Silestone countertops, real linoleum floors, modern electric replica of coal-burning stove, Insta-hot, plumbed in Bunn coffee maker, Miele dishwasher and GE refrigerator.
Added decorative antique water heater in Kitchen
Added IR-reflecting foil to attic floor in 2011 for improved insulation
Built door over stairway to attic covered with IR-reflecting foil to complete insulation
Restored functional coal stove heatilator in office, two other woodburning fireplaces are lined
Restored and installed non-functional coal stove in bedroom.
Replaced Hall mantle with period-appropriate antique.
Installed antique gas sconces in upstairs bedrooms and two replica gasoliers in parlors (all electric)
Replaced toggle switches with replica pushbutton switches.
Installed three secret compartments.
Installed new energy and water-saving washer/dryer in 2010

Surround-sound system, flat screen TV, oversized grandfather clock, historic reproduction lace curtains and other window treatments convey.
All salvaged historic parts, replica siding, moldings, tin, marble, paints and finishes & etc. in dry storage on property.

Interior photos on Rooms page.

Description of house given by county historian in 1988 when it was put on the National Register.






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